PUBG’s New Vikendi map is out with its winter update

Are you all set for walking through the snow-covered landscape and riding on the new snowmobile while trying to survive against ninety-nine other players for the chicken dinner? The much awaited Vikendi Map is finally out for all the PUBG fans out there.

Yes, finally the much anticipated snow environment is now available for all the players to explore. With this new update of Players Unkown’s Battlegrounds, a new Vikendi Map is now accessible to have a snowfall experience with new weapons and a new snowmobile.

Although before this update, players have also experienced night mode in Erangle and rain mode in Shanhok. With this winter update a new map is presented with in-game snowfall. As the entire map is under a snow blanket, any player walking on it will leave footprints. By this new mode it is now possible to hunt your enemies by tracing their footprints. However, it can also go the other way round. Not only the footprints can help you detect the enemies but also their breath will help you in spotting them while they crouch to hide from being noticed.

 The new Vikendi Map is 6×6 km, which is a little bit bigger as compared to newly added 4×4 km Shanhok map in the previous September update. But still, you will find hills and cities within every fifty meters, which will provide players with new in-game interactions.

As compared to other maps Vikendi provides ample amount of healing items, Vertical foregrips, also Uzi, Tommy gun, Two times and Four times Scope are quite easy to find. But it is quite hard to find a Kar98 or Mini-14. On the other hand, you can find a newly added assault rifle G36C, which is a hybrid weapon from UMP-9 and QBZ.

The inclusion of new snowmobile is one of the major attractions in this update. This new two-seater vehicle is similar to the Baaghi but has much better controlling capability. Still, it makes a tremendous amount of noise to easily give away your location to any enemies nearby. At the same time, other vehicles slide on the road covered with snow and offer reduced control so it might be a better option to choose snowmobile to get across the map quickly.

While exploring the map you will encounter various new buildings and locations, like a cement factory or winery but you will be thrilled with new houses layout accommodating middle grounds to hide and snipe noobs without getting detected. Moreover you can also hang-out with your squad in a well decorated and spacious bathroom for a nice breather while playing PUBG. Some glitches are still needed to be patched like random spawning of houses and trees, which will hopefully be fixed by this update to make users playing experience more fun. Vikendi is a deadly but beautiful map to play PUBG for both pro and noob players and has a tremendous potential by inculcating all the best features of other maps, but perhaps I will still miss the SCRA-L.

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