How to Use Pivot Tables in Google Sheets

The Pivot tables are the greatest feature of spreadsheets and they can make help in summarizing the important Google Sheet data. The users can use the Pivot tables, charts, interactive Excel dashboards, and slicers to examine the large size of information and remove whatever they wish to. Go through the steps given below to use a pivot table in Google Sheets.

How to Plan a Pivot Table in Google Sheet?

Go through the steps given below to plan a pivot table in Google Sheet:

•    Look at the database to ensure that it is systematic. There should be no empty columns or rows. The database should be having headings which offer the necessary data for the pivot table.

•    You need to go through its formatting procedure by clicking the “cells” including the data and pressing the “Filter” option located on the taskbar. The cells in the top row shall be formatted as the column headings.

•    Confirm which data you wish to get from the pivot table. Setting an objective for  what you wish to achieve with the pivot table shall help you set the database correctly.

•    Think about the way you wish to see the results on the screen. After deciding which information you would like to show in the particular section, you can start the procedure of creating the pivot table.

How to Use the Excel Pivot Table Field List?

Follow the steps mentioned below to use the Excel pivot table field list:

•    The column part will show data in the downward column located on the left-hand corner of the pivot table in Google Sheets. It is a part which helps you to classify and place in groups like titles, regions or products. There is a possibility that this part can include no other sections.

•    Each row includes titles inside the pivot table. This rows can help the users to find out trends after some time.

•    The calculation and counting data in Google Sheets will be done in the “Values” part.

•    The users can use this part to calculate the data they wish to like counts, sums, and averages.

•    The users can use the “Filter” part for creating the other filters anytime. While they are choosing the data section in the “Filters” part, all the pivot table will complete the filter procedure related to this data.

How to Create a Pivot Table in Excel?

Here are the steps given below to create a Pivot Table in Excel:

•    Go to the “spreadsheet” given in the “Google Sheets” which have the information the users wish to use in the pivot table.

•    Choose that table which includes the database the users wish to use.

•    After that, tap on the “Data” option.

•    Pres on the “Pivot Table” option.

•    After pressing it, the new Google sheet will get open on your screen and the users will get the option of “Pivot Table Editor” on the right-hand corner of the display.

•    Tap on anyone “pivot tables” provided located on the upper side of the “Pivot Table Editor” in case the users wish to place it to their data.

•    Tap on the “Add” option nearby to every part and select the data section the users wish to get it in the select part in case they wish to make a new pivot table.

•    Press the “Add” option given in the “Filters” part and after that, select the way through which the users wish to filter their data.

•    Arrange the columns or rows by tapping the “arrow” below the “Order or Sort By” option located in the “Pivot Table Editor” window and after that, choosing that option they wish to apply.

•    Choose the “Show Totals” menu box for showing the total number of column or row.

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