How to make a Favorite Contacts list on iOS devices

By making the list of favourites in your phone-book, you can easily find and call the most important people in your life. You can add anybody from your phone contacts list to your Favourites list. To make your essential contacts appear on the top, you can rearrange the order of the phone list. You can check your Favourites contact list from many different places on your iOS device.

The two methods to make a list of favourite contacts on an iOS:

Making a Favorites List

  • Click the Mobile tab on your iOS.

It will show your iOS’ mobile application. The Mobile tag has a Mobile icon, and you can find this in your iOS Dock.

  • Press the “Favorites” button.

 At the last of the display, you will get this.

  • Click the “+” tab at the top of your display.

 In iPhone 10, you will find this in the upper left of the display. In iPhone 9, you will find this in the upper right of the display. This will display you a list of all the contacts that were saved in your phonebook.

           •    Whether clicking the “+” tab, it will do nothing, on the home display double click it and after that slide, the Mobile screen away to close it. Go back to your Home display and click the Mobile application so that you can try it again. The”+” tab in the favourites button will start working now.

  • Choose the contacts that you wish to insert to your Favorites menu list.

 You can take help of Search bar at the top of the menu list to search for someone particular.

  • Select the contact method that you like to use.

 You can choose it from Call, Message, Mail, or Video, based on the contact details stored for that person you had selected. When you put them in the Favourites list of your mobile, this is a method that you will use to call them.

  • Choose the phone number or address you wish to use.

After choosing the calling method, you can select the actual phone number or address of that person. Take an example, if you choose “Call”, you will be displayed all the mobile numbers for that contact to pick from. If you had chosen “Mail”, You will get all of their email ID. Choose the one you like to use when you click the contact in your Favourites contact list.

  • Continue to insert contacts.

You have a limit of 50 connections to add on your favourites list, but it will work well when you limit to enter only a few contacts in your favourites list.

           •    You can insert the same person many times and choose different calling methods for each of the connections.

Reorganising Your Favorites

  • Go to the Favorites button in the mobile application.

 It will show your latest list of Favourites.

  • Click the “Edit” tab on the top.

In iPhone 10, you will find this at the top. In iPhone 9, it is at the top of the display.

  • Press and pull the menu down to swipe the contact.

 Press the menu tab and swipe the contact up or down the list.

  • Press the “-” tab and the “Delete” to detect contact.

It will remove the contact from the Favourites list, but not remove it from your phone book.

  • Click “Done” when you completed.

This would go to the Favorite old list, permitting you to insert more contacts if you want.

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