Fossil New Gen 5 Smartwatches Released

Recently Fossil announced their fifth generation of smartwatches, which will be called Gen 5. The smartwatches are not going to be the same as the previous ones. The smartwatches will have spec enhancements and are also going to be the first Wear OS watch which will be able to take a call from an iPhone.

The feature is already available for Android, but this is the first one for the iOS devices. There have been several watches which has been able to alert iPhones about an inbound call, but none so far has been able to pick up a call. Fossil’s latest watch will allow you to receive a call from the watch itself. However, this said feature was not available in the 5th August release. The feature is set to be available sometime this fall, and it will come in the form of OTA through a proprietary app. You do not have to do anything from your phone itself; the watch will become another means for you to be able to take a call.

Fossil has focused on longer battery life for its new models, and they claim that their newer models will last several days with a single charge. A new Extended Battery Mode will be added that will keep the notifications and heart rate panel open while providing increased battery life. There is no confirmation by Fossil as to how much the battery life will be extended on this mode. Still, most of the users are expected to use the watch on Daily Mode. This mode allows the always-on display along with extensive features to stay on too.

Design and Specifications

The upcoming Gen 5 smartwatches will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100. This chipset was released back in 2018 that was said to improve the performance and extend the battery life of the watch. But after using the devices after 2018, you would be skeptical of Fossil’s claims.

The watch will be available in six colors, and three of them are said to be pretty funky are named Julianna HR. The other three which are not as flashy but little muted in appearance are called the Carlyle HR. The dimensions, however, will remain the same for both types with a 1.28-inch screen that is in a case which is 44mm and 12 mm thick. All of the Gen 5 watches are compatible with the 22mm straps.


There is a massive 8GB storage available alongside 1GB RAM on the smartwatch. Both of the features are double than the standard features. There is NFC available for payments through Google Pay, a heartbeat sensor, GPS, and a speaker for answering calls. The watches are waterproof and can cover up to 30 meters deep water.

The smartwatch is a decent step forward, but at the price of 295$, it may not affect the market share of Google wearables. Still, we expect Google to come up with something even better and unique.

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