Epic Games Confirms the Acquisition Of Rocket League Developers Psyonix

The developers behind the hit battle royale title Fortnite have managed to attain remarkable success by acquiring the developing studio Psyonix altogether which was behind the origin of the Rocket League title.

An official announcement by Psyonix clarified that Epic Games has entirely acquired their studio, but no certain information was disclosed regarding the deal during this announcement. This keeps the price and conditions of the said deal behind the closed doors.

But an exciting information suggested by Psyonix clarified that the Rocket League title would not change with effect to this merger and players would be able to enjoy the title in a similar fashion as earlier.

Many community members and fans have been speculating how this acquisition of Psyonix would be beneficial in general and how the regular gameplay of players would be affected.

Currently, it has been confirmed that in the coming next year the Rocket League title would be made exclusively available on Epic Store services only and rather players will be unable to access this title on any other platform. Sources suggest that Epic Games will even remove the Rocket League title from Steam which is a well known open source gaming platform.

Likely officials at Epic are formulating new strategies and plan layout to capture the future market of gaming platforms as it is quite possible that the culture to purchase CD’s of games would completely end and rather gamers would only avail their desired games online.

Many other brands like Microsoft and Sony are already providing such services on premium bases where players have to pay monthly subscription charges which avails them with an uncountable number of games to explore from.

Epic Games is also planning to provide such premium services to its vast daily active gamers as its hit battle royale style game Fortnite is amongst the most played title on daily bases.

It was quite hard to believe this groundbreaking report at first, but Psyonix did manage to deliver their future goals after this huge merger. Although Psyonix offered no valid justification for selling Rocket League title to Epic still, they did state that the alliance between the two franchises would not impact the internal team of staff and structure of their brand which clearly states that no staff members or employees are getting fired in the near future.

Still, it is unclear how would both the franchises end up being together and if in future a new gaming title is developed by the collaboration of both. Moreover, this collaboration would also boost the eSports potential which would create an excellent platform for different gamers to showcase their skills. Let’s see what more will Epic Games do in terms of their online Epic Store as it is quite possible to receive some other big titles falling to the Epics Games umbrella.

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