5 Best Voice Changing Android Apps in 2019

If you like to play with goofy voices or wish to prank others, you can use your Smartphone for the same. There are a lot of ideal smartphone apps available in the market that lets you swap your voice with various characters. You don’t have to access your laptop or software for swapping your voice as it is possible through a smartphone.

These are the best voice changing Android apps for you:

1. Squeak Voice Changer

It is a decent app to change your voice quickly into a variety of compelling characters available in it. There are some exciting custom options in the app too, like Bruce the Bot, Julius the Bear, and Patrick the Monster. You get the option to preview the available voices before moving to the recording process. Once you are ready, just hit the record button. Your voice will be converted ideally into the chosen character.

After you record yourself talking, you are allowed to either download the file as audio or share on different social media platforms. The app will, however, ask you to pay a dedicated amount to use all the characters. Its free version only features a few voices and in-app ads.

2. Voice Changer

The Voice Changer app is an ideal voice changing application with an impressive design. Its process is almost the same as the most apps –  you can record voice, choose custom effects, and either download or share with others. But, this app lets you make a custom filter through which you can tweak elements like tempo and the pitch. You can easily cut as well as crop the voice recording as well. It is easy to share the voice recording on other platforms and even make them your phone’s ringtone too. Though, you can remove ads from this app at all as it doesn’t offer an upgrade.

3. VoiceFX

If you are searching for a unique voice changing tool on the app, VoiceFX is the perfect solution for you. It provides a live feedback mode and capable of converting your voice whenever you speak to the front. Also, you can live stream the results through streaming options that this app provides. It does the same with the use of a server and custom URL. Just type in the desired address and then everything that you speaker will be transmitted in a different voice altogether. Download the VoiceFX app for free from the Google Play Store.

4. Voice Changer With Effects

As its name already suggest, the Voice Changer with Effects app consists of plenty of cool effects to try. You will not find particular characters in this app as it provides generic effects such as Deep Voice, which is for the ones who love Batman, Drunk, Helium, Zombie, and more. Same as the Squeak Voice Changer app, this voice changing app lets you share the created files on your social media profiles. You can set even set the audio as a ringtone and post a picture with sound on Facebook with this excellent app for Android. There is a handy tab on the app through which you can check the previous recordings.

For more new voices as well as removing the ads from the app, you can choose to go with the premium version of this voice changer app. Its developer is offering one more app of the same kind by the name VoiceTooner. Try both the apps by downloading them from the play store.

5. Narrator’s Voice

Narrator’s voice is being offered as a text-to-speech app that will surely help you with recording narration. You need to import the file that contains script or type whatever you want to speak. After processing, this app will allow you to share or download the file. One of the best features of the Narrator’s voice is the built-in translation. Also, it supports a variety of languages, including Italian, German, Portuguese, and Japanese. There are various characters, such as Cortana, Chipmunks, and Barack Obama as well. It is integrated with Facebook and allows you to post recordings on your timeline directly. Almost all of the features of this app are free, but for an ad-free experience, you can upgrade. So, these are the best voice changing apps for fun that you can download and use in your Android device!

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